Façade 2022

Welcome to GIMO

GIMO, The “Général Industrie Machines Outils” is a company created in July 1992.It remains the Tunisian leader in the manufacture of polyurethane foam cutting machines and exports more than 80% of its production (the machines) in Africa (Tunisia, Libya, Algeria, Morocco, Benin, Cameroon, Moritanie, Kango) in Asia (Yaman) and Europe (Greece).

Basic Machines

  • Vertical Cutting Machine
  • Horizontal Cutting Machine turntable
  • Horizontal Cutting Machine table turning 06 blocks
  • Contour cutting machine
  • Peeling machine with band knife
  • Soft foam grinding machine
  • Grinding machine
  • Horizontal cutting machine
  • Covering mattress machine

Special Machines

  • Contour cutting machine
  • Horizontal cutting 02 blocks
  • Drilling machine blocks
  • Horizontal cutting for the rigid foam
  • Sandwich panel cutting machine
  • Peeling foam machine

GIMO image enhancement

To improve our brand image and loyalty of our customers, we are doing the studies, try and design of two machines that will be the sign of our prosperity in the market and are: cutting machine CNC contours (following 2 and 3 axis) and abrosive fiber cutting machine.

Advantages GIMO

The GIMO mounting team travels to machine installation, implementation and training of personnel working on the machines free of charge, as well as a guarantee will be granted.

Relationship with Customers

Our priority is to build mutual trust with our clients to provide customer service in the four corners of the world and which can only meet the needs of our customers.

staff administratif gimo

Administrative staff