Contour cutting machine (1,90m) BA-S102



The contour cutting machine BA-S201 is a set simply guided by a hand following the model with help of the 6 mm diameter feeler gauge tracer. assembly of the cutter


The vertical movement  of the block holder table is done by an electrical motor.

The block holder is equipped with a depression system which cuts small pieces of foam without difficulties.

  • The block holder is a moving plexiglas plaque with a horizontal movement.
  • The cutting tool is a 1 to 1.5 mm  endless  .
  • Cutting length : 1900 mm
  • Cutting width : 1000 mm
  • Cutting height : 1000 mm

Installation Space

  • Length : 3100 mm
  • Width : 3500 mm
  • Height : 2400 mm