Peeling foam machine BA-S109



This Peeling machine BA-S109 is equipped with:

  • A cylinder, which twins over an axis
  • The transmission of the cylinder is done by a tangential advance roller (The maximum diameter of this cylinder is 1350 mm)
  • A suction device for the grinding dust.
  • A metric roller.
  • The adjustment of the cutting thickness is done by an interchangeable cogwheel.
  • The cutting thickness dimension varies between 3 to 20 mm
  • The unrolling speed can indefinitely be adjusted from 5 to 110 m/mn.
  • The band knife width is 30 mm
  • Only soft foam and agglomerated can be rolled (maximum of density 200kg/m3)

Installation Space

  • Length :6000 mm
  • Width : 4500 mm
  • Height : 2000 mm
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